Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life settlement?

A life settlement is the term for selling your life insurance policy to a third-party for a one-time cash payment. The purchaser — usually a life settlement company — becomes the policy owner and beneficiary and takes on the obligation of the premium payments. When you sell your policy, you receive a lump sum payment of cash and are no longer responsible for paying policy premiums.

Should I sell my life insurance policy?

The decision to sell your life insurance policy is personal. Many choose to do so when they no longer have a need for coverage, can’t afford premium payments, or have high medical or long-term care costs. You’ll likely get a strong cash offer for your policy if:

  • You’re over 65 years old
  • You have a universal, whole or convertible term life insurance policy
  • The policy face amount is more than $100,000
  • Your health has changed substantially since you purchased the policy

Instead of surrendering or letting the policy lapse, policyholders explore a life settlement which enables them to get cash for the life insurance policy. For example, in 80% of cases where a policy has been terminated, the policyowner and their beneficiary receive nothing in return for years of premium payments to the insurance company, which is why life settlements can be a better option.

At Encore Life, our Customer Advocate team will learn about your situation and reason for selling your life insurance policy to help you understand if it’s the right decision for you. Should you choose to move forward, we will also help you navigate the process.

How much do you get for selling a life insurance policy?

The offer for your life insurance policy will depend on several factors including the type of policy, coverage amount, and your age and health. The process can be daunting, which is why you need a life settlement expert to help you navigate it and advocate for you to get the most money possible for your policy. The Encore Life Customer Advocate team has years of experience with the sale of life insurance policies — ensuring clients get competitive offers. Additionally, commissions and fees can dramatically reduce how much money you get for your policy. Unlike other life settlement companies, Encore Life does not charge commissions for policy sales.